About WaterSki Atlanta

Membership Type Club Club Boat Total
Single $1200 $700 $1900
Family $1500 $1000 $2500

WaterSki Atlanta is a traditional Three Event Water Ski Club (Slalom, Trick, and Jump) that operates on Princeton Lake.  We limit our club size to twenty five annual memberships per season in order to provide all members with sufficient water time.  We are now accepting a limited number of new water ski club members for 2014.

Membership in WaterSki Atlanta gives you full access to Princeton Lake and the Club Boat, which is a 2011 Ski Nautique Team 200 Open Bow with Zero Off speed control.  The ski club is open from sunrise to sunset seven days a week from mid March until early November depending on temperatures.  We have a full time boat driver from late May through the middle of August to operate the ski boat if no other members are present to drive the boat.

Gas for the Club Boat is not included in the membership fee, and must be added to the club boat immediately after use at the member’s expense.  Usually, one gallon per set is deposited into the club boat before leaving the lake.  A set is roughly 15-20 minutes of ski time or 6 passes through the slalom course.

WaterSki Atlanta offers guest sets to walk up skiers for a $20 donation per set to competition water skiers and a $40 donation per set for beginner water skiers. We also offer limited coaching for beginner to advanced skiers who are just learning to ski or want to learn the slalom course.

We also offer daily rental rates for the entire watersports complex that includes complete use of the lake site and club boat, which comes with a certified boat driver for the day.

See the CLUB RULES for more detailed information about turns in the ski rotation for Family Memberships, since they are slightly different than the rules for a single ski club membership.

Fishing is only allowed from the eastern and western shorelines.  No fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks, or any other watercraft are allowed in the lake unless you are a member of WaterSki Altanta!

Use the CONTACT page if you have any questions or if you want to get in touch us about skiing or fishing Princeton Lake.